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Our Customers


If you want to see Members+ working in a live environment you are invited to Fort Stamford fitness club in Plymouth, Devon. They will be happy to show you how they successfully use Members+ to run their club.

They have a network of 6 computers:

  • 2 computers are used in the reception for checking members in, taking photos, making notes and other reception duties.
  • Administrators' computers are used by the managers and supervisors to run reports, record payments, maintain memberships records, etc.
  • Gym computer is used to manage member's records of activities, interests, personal details etc.

The owner of the club says:

"I used to have lots of problems with my old software until it completely stopped working. The cost of upgrading was out of my financial reach. Members+ was like a saver to me: it is affordable, easy to learn, reliable. I can track unpaid subscriptions, make reports, send letters, record joined payments, save members photos, print cards with barcodes etc. Thanks to Members+ performance of my club has improved significantly. I would recommend it to any membership club big or small.


The users of Members+ in The Garden sports and leisure club in Torpoint say:

"We are very happy with Members+. Our club is about 3 years old and the software helps us to trace unpaid memberships, run reports and monitor our performance. It is an essential tool for our growing business. You wouldn't find a better package."