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Members+ is a comprehensive and easy to use membership management software for maintaining memberships in a club of any size and profile. It will help you to organize membership records, track overdue payments, print membership cards with photos and barcodes, produce various reports and letters within minutes and much more.

Why choose Members+?

Our aim was to create the best membership software on the market and our customers believe that we have achieved this goal. 3d2f.com editors have called the program the best among the like"Members+ stands out of the competition for its great customizability, smart organization and ease of use. Its set of features allows using it in a wide range of premium club types"

Why Members+ is better than other membership software? It is   

Adjustable - you can customize your data according to the profile of your club and changing business needs.

Comprehensive - it has many unique tools which will allow you to improve efficiency and performance of your club.

Reliable - no need for expensive technical support.

Easy to use - your staff will not require any special training to start using it.

Affordable - we offer very competitive prices and flexible payment schemes.


Please take a Quick Tour or Download full version of Members+ limited to 25 members.


Start Members+ and select Demo club option to see an example of a real club data.


What can you do with Members+?

  • Record and maintain membership details, including members' interests, activities, accounts and subscription details.
  • Include photos in membership profiles.
  • Print membership cards with barcodes and photos.
  • Scan membership cards with barcodes to record members on entrance and exit.
  • View a snapshot display of the number of people present at your club.
  • View monthly history of visits and history of memberships for every member.
  • Receive a warning if a visiting member has not paid the subscription or membership has expired.
  • Receive a reminder if a visiting member has Pay as You Go membership.
  • Record different Subscription Types and use them to set up Membership Subscriptions. Members+ will automatically calculate Tax/VAT, Net, Total amount and Instalments.
  • Record members' payments and view history of payments of all members in your club.
  • Link membership payments if one member pays for his/her family.
  • Customize reference data such as Methods of Payment, Club's activities, Special Schemes, Corporate Groups, Membership types etc.
  • Monitor when members of staff last updated memberships, payments and other records.
  • Link a member to other family members visiting the club.
  • Collect marketing information and make marketing reports, e.g. who recommended your club to new members.
  • Set up Access groups with different levels of staff access.
  • Rename fields to suit your club's profile (gym, health club, aerobics club, swimming pool, dance club, chess club, etc.)
  • Use built-in facility to backup and restore your membership database.
  • Design and save any kind of reports within seconds. Print or export reports to Excel, mail merge to send letters or use built-in e-mail facility to send e-mails to groups of members. E.g. make a list of all members who have not paid their subscription in time, or send reminder letters to all members whose membership is due to expire.
  • Run financial reports filtered by Year/Month/Subscription Type/Payment Method.
  • Use comprehensive Help system and receive Free Updates.
  • If you use a Collection Agency for you direct debit payments, Members+ can automatically import payments from the Collection Agency file within minutes. This automatic process will reduce the cost and eliminate any errors if entering the same data manually.